Toonzone Articles Pt. 1 0f 4

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Over a year ago I wanted to branch out and make my living as a Writer. Most of all, as a Freelance Writer. But I did have a problem, which was absolutely no experience in the world of Freelancing. So where to begin?

I have a deep love of  animation and often visit a wonderful animation community known as Toonzone, which has by far the best animation forums I know of. As it so happens while I was trying to figure out where to begin, Toonzone needed writers for its blog. I was thrilled at the idea of actually writing for one of my favorite websites, so I applied posthaste. For the required writing sample I submitted a review I’d written a year or so back for a play I’d seen in which my father had been an actor. I soon got one of the positions at Toonzone and was so happy I was literally jumping around with excitement. This wasn’t a payed position but I didn’t care. I figured it would be a great writing exercise, would help me get used to having deadlines, and would give me plenty of clips to showcase my writing ability. I was correct on all three counts. Most important however, I was writing about stuff I loved for a website I loved. The whole experience was simply incredible.

Now, over a year later and I no longer write for Toonzone. I left of my own accord to focus my time more on Freelancing, which inevitably was the whole purpose of writing for that wonderful website in the first place. Writing for Toonzone meant a lot to me, and I’ll always keep the memories with fondness.

Of course all of that was a bit of a tangent. As the focus of this blog post is on the Toonzone articles I wrote for the website, which are excellent clips of my writing ability. Recently Toonzone has undergone major revisions, which made an already superb site much better but had an unforeseen side effect  as well. The revisions somehow messed up the formatting on all the old blog entries, of course that includes mine as well. Thus leaving me with a problem, I can no longer just point anyone in the direction of a URL which leads to a list of writing clips of mine or to a URL of a specific clip. So what to do? Thankfully I know the dedicated staff at Toonzone is working hard to fix the formatting on the myriad of entries which need it. In the meantime I figured it would be a good idea to repost some of the best, as well as my favorite, entries on this new blog of mine. I have written 40 posts for Toonzone under the alias SammyT and over the course of the next 3 parts on this blog I’ll repost anywhere from 5-10 of them depending on their length.

Hopefully Toonzone will fix the issue relatively soon so I can later look back and remember all the beautiful times when I wrote for them.


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