Legendary Animals

Legendary Animals

As a kid I loved Pokemon. The variety of creatures, their cool powers, the amazing RPG gameplay, and so much more. But by far the best part of the series are the Legendary Pokemon. The Legendaries are rare, often one of a kind, and very powerful Pokemon. It wasn’t their power nor even their rarity that interested me the most however. It was the mythology and stories surrounding the Legendaries that really piqued my interest. The games had bits and pieces of the mythology spread throughout them and hidden areas with ancient writing on the walls which had to be decoded often revealing a cryptic message related to the legendaries. It was always a great joy to learn more about the Legendaries. It also made it all the more satisfying to use the Legendaries in battle.

As I grew up, my love and fascination focused on animals. I love animals for their variety, cool abilities, and the amazing ways humans can interact with them. It didn’t take too long before I began to wonder if perhaps there were Legendary Animals. My very first thought was to just dismiss the idea but I didn’t as that would’ve been foolish, for there are many Legendary Animals. Such as Griffons, Dragons, and Unicorns. Spread out over the world from ancient cultures are writings, pictures, and descriptions of these animals. But there’s more to Legendary Animals then just Mythological Creatures, there are also Cryptids (A.K.A. Cryptozoological Creatures) such as the Yeti, Loch Ness monster, and the Chupacabra. Of course any of these creatures could potentially be real but are some them? And if so then which ones? Curiosity led me to research these fabulous animals. Not just whether they are real but the science behind such creatures and whether or not it’s viable that certain ones could exist biologically.

Of course I also have this new blog of mine for which I’ve been trying to decide what I should post regularly on it. It doesn’t take long to make the connection. So starting Wednesday of this new month I’ll be posting a biweekly Article, each one focusing on a different Legendary Animal. The Article will go over the legends of each creature as well as the science behind such a creature, and will conclude with how likely it is that the creature either does, or did, exist.

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