Time keeps March-ing forward.

Happy March Everyone!!!

It’s March, the greatest month of the year. The month which holds my sisters birthday on the 9th and my birthday on the 29th. I’ve decided to continue the accidental yet beautiful tradition I’ve started of adding something new to my blog each month. January the blog was created and February I added a new Column to my blog, ‘Legendary Animals‘, which currently has three Articles. This month there’s a whole bunch of stuff going on including some special gifts for my readers. So let’s delve in already shall we:

Introducing… Screen Writing 101

I prefer to call my posts “Articles” and I enjoy having “Columns” on my blog, it just sounds nice to put it that way. Last month saw the introduction of my first biweekly Column, but writing an Article only once biweekly isn’t enough for me. I want a new Article up on a weekly basis, which is why I’m creating a new biweekly Column to fill in the Wednesdays not covered by ‘Legendary Animals’.

This brings me to the new Column itself called ‘Screen Writing 101’ which focuses on (you’ll never guess) teaching Screen Writing to all those interested in learning how to Screen Write or just interested in learning how their favorite shows are written. The articles will focus on the history of Screen Writing, How to Screen Write, Tips & Tricks, and finally anything else relevant to the subject. I’ve been Screen Writing for over three years which certainly isn’t the longest period of time, but I’m still quite excited to share everything I’ve learned and to hopefully learn from others as well. If you’re interested or know someone who would be I recommend sharing. Look forward to the first Article of ‘Screen Writing 101’ to go live next Wednesday.

Birthday Gifts for All!!

My birthday as I mentioned in the first paragraph is on the 29th of this month. On my birthday there’s three special gifts for everyone, two official and one unofficial.

First I should mention the unofficial one since it actually has nothing to do with me but is a wonderful coincidence which, being a lover of animation, I find awesome. Turner & WB have struck a multiyear deal with Netflix. Meaning that on March 30th, a mere one day after my birthday, a bunch of great shows will be joining Netflix such as Adventure Time, Ben 10, and Johnny Bravo! Anything that sweet the day after the anniversity of my birth is easily considered a delayed birthday gift to me. If you didn’t already know I hope you’re as excited as I am , which is admittedly quite a tall order.

Now for the gifts I’ll actually be giving.

The first real gift is my Novel ‘Animals: The Lies Uncovered’. Starting March 29th and lasting one week ’til April 5th I’m giving away the ebook copy of my Novel free! No strings attached. However, I do hope that if you take the time to read it you’ll also take the time to review the ebook version on Amazon since I only have one review for it at the time of writing this and that particular review isn’t really negative or positive, nor is it very constructive. I’d like at least a few reviews which are actually constructive so I know what people like and don’t like about my Novel and I would greatly appreciate your help.

Now for the second real gift. I’ve recently interviewed an Indie Animator who happens to be the creator of a great webseries. I’ll be posting my interview with him on my birthday. Who is he? Well I don’t want to spoil the surprise so you’ll just have to wait and see. As I wrote above about my new Column, if your interested or know someone who would be, please share. If all goes well I may even post more interviews in the future.

Firepole Marketing; Nickelodeon

Before I wrap up this post there’s a couple more things I’d like to mention. One is an Online Scavenger Hunt and the other is an Animated Shorts Program.

Firepole Marketing is hosting an event known as ‘The Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt‘. Basically it’s a competition where you complete marketing challenges to earn points. Besides potentially earning prizes all the challenges involve marketing your business so if you have a business than it’s worth joining the Scavenger Hunt just for that. Yes, one of the challenges is to mention the Scavenger Hunt on your blog which is one reason I’m writing this, however I really do feel that the Hunt is worth it you have a business. After all, marketing is vital to any business. Please mention my player name on your Tumblr if you do join the Scavenger Hunt, it’s ‘SMT-Freelance’. If you don’t have a website yet and want to set one up for your business, or begin your business, than the Scavenger Hunt will be more challenging but there is also a special prize you’ll be eligible to win if you qualify. Click the link above to learn more. Here’s a list exemplifying some of the challenges involved in the Hunt:

  • Accept a guest post on your blog.
  • Create a Facebook page for your business (you still get points if you already had one).
  • Create a video introduction of yourself.
  • Come up with 5 killer headlines for future blog posts you’ll write.
  • A picture of you in your office.

The last thing I wanted to mention is completely unrelated news. Nickelodeon is currently holding an ‘Animated Shorts Program‘. They’re looking for a two minute script or storyboard with 2-3 strong comedic characters which takes place preferably in a single setting. They also want it be children friendly and appeal equally to boys and girls. It doesn’t cost anything to submit your script or storyboard and you also have to submit a few other things such as character descriptions and a Concept Treatment. It doesn’t take that long to create a two minute script so if you can I recommend entering. I already wrote my two minute script awhile back and plan to polish and submit it in this upcoming week. The deadline for the Animated Shorts Program is the 29th, my birthday, which I take as some sort of Divine Sign for me. I’m excited to see what comes from this and once again I recommend entering if you can.

Phew, I had a lot to go over and I hope you’re now looking forward to the coming weeks on my blog, especially the birthday presents I’m sharing on the 29th. Who do you think the interviewee is? What are you looking forward to most on my blog in this new month of March?


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