My Little Ponies: The Magical Unicorn

Unicorn Haiku

The sun shines down gently dappling the forest floor. The wind blows softly making the tree branches dance joyously. And the soothing chatter of singing birds pervades the forest. But none of that matters to you nor is it even noticeable as you run fast as you can. Behind you can be heard the sounds of birds scattering to the the sky. The sound of trees crackling and toppling. The very sounds of the forests destruction. Your heart’s racing so fast it feels like it’s going to explode and with every breath you must force yourself on as fear creeps menacingly into your consciousness. You make it out of the forest and into a field where another sound instantly brings you to a stop. The sound of the creatures of the forest crying out in pain and fear. Slowly and hesitantly you turn and face the forest, thus revealing to your eyes the horror of trees toppling as the beast chases after your scent. Your fear however fades to be replaced with a deep furious righteous anger. You glare as the beast, a great fearsome lion, as it emerges from the forest; leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The lion freezes mid-roar at the sight of your defiant glare. Caught off guard the lion seems uncertain how to react in the face of your courage. You snort angrily, paw at the ground with your hooves, and lower your mighty horned head as you begin to charge at the lion. For several long heartbeats the lion’s gaze seems to melt with fear, but the beast snaps itself out of such seeming foolishness and leaps out of the way at the final moment. You however continue are unable to stop before striking a tree. Not wanting to waste a moment you attempt to pull your horn from the tree only to discover with horror that it’s stuck. Very quickly your annoyance turns to panic as you desperately try to remove your horn from the tree. All the while you watch the lion as it stalk around you, suddenly emitting an unmistakable sound which must be how a lion laughs. Slowly, almost leisurely, the lion slinks towards you and you feel all hope slowly ebb away…

Unicorns have existed in our mythologies and imaginations for millennia. They seem always able to capture our hearts. Perhaps it has something to do with the extensive relationship humans have shared with equines. Perhaps for us modern folk it has to do with the current perception of what a Unicorn is. Nowadays we typically think of a Unicorn as a pure white horse with a single protruding horn coming from its head which is usually multicolored. In the past the Unicorn was probably so widespread due to the much looser definition of term Unicorn, which led to there being multiple types of Unicorns.

Regardless the Unicorn has retained certain qualities throughout all the years it has existed in lore and perhaps beyond. Unicorns actually are magical, or at least their horns are. Water no matter how tainted can be made pure just by the touch of a Unicorns horn. The touch of a Unicorns horn can also heal a creature from death itself. The Unicorn itself is fast, graceful, beautiful, and said to be nearly uncapturable. Some describe the Unicorn as a gentle creature who would never harm a soul if it could so choose, while others claim it to a vicious creature whom you must avoid at all costs. The Unicorn doesn’t seem above killing those with darkness in their hearts and they are said to be only two ways to capture it. Either corner it when it’s with its child which is when it will fight the most viciously and many men plus their steads shall die in the fight along with the Unicorn. Or you can lure it out of its guard with someone pure of heart. The person doesn’t have to be a child, female, or even a virgin; those qualifications were added by the Christian Church way back in the days during the height of its power. Personally I don’t like the notion that only a virgin can be pure as if something as natural as sex can somehow be inherently a bad thing. The Church also followed its usual trend of taking something, the Unicorn in this case, and turning it into a religious symbol albeit briefly in this case, used to represent Christ.

Moving on… The lion is the natural enemy of the Unicorn. The Lion is said to represent the Sun and chaos or unstrained freedom, while the Unicorn represents the Moon and harmony plus reasonable self-control. The two are said to chase each other back and forth before one finally wins. It seems the Lion usually is the victor but not always. The victor is probably chosen allegorically based on the current times of either perceived chaos or peace. There’s plenty of other stories and legends associated with the Unicorn and I’ll give a link to them at the end of this post.

I feel I should now clarify better what a Unicorn is. As self-explanatory as that may seem the Unicorn hasn’t allows been thought of as a pure white horse with a single colorful horn. I mentioned this above but it’s time to delve deeper into that particular aspect of the Unicorn and to define what exactly a Unicorn is. Originally the term referred to any hoofed or cloven animal with a single protruding horn. This usage was used to describe horses, donkeys, goats, and even creatures such as reindeers with only one horn. The horn could just be straight or branched. And the Unicorns size could be anything from a pony to a mountain. Due to these variations the Unicorn was also described as some sort of hybrid of all these creatures. Really the term Unicorn referred more to a general type of animal than any one animal in particular. Which makes it hard to know for sure if the Creature was really just one species in particular which started it all, or a series of mistaken sightings patched together as a single cohesive creature.

Either way it’s not that difficult to imagine a Unicorn being real, there’re plenty of other similar horned Creatures in existence and the Unicorn could’ve easily been among them hunted to extinction for their horn just like how the Rhino is currently being treated. Which is why I do believe the Unicorn is real yet also probably extinct. In fact Unicorns were actually hunted for their horns during the Middle Ages which were bought typically by royalty. These horns were called Alicorns, a term which now commonly refers to a hybrid of a Unicorn and a Pegasus. Before getting all excited I must inform you that these Unicorn horns were actually the horns of narwals. In fact there was a whole conspiracy at the time to keep the truth behind the horns a secret so those selling them could continue to capitalize on their profit. I’m not the only out there who believes in Unicorns obviously as there are many people who also believe including famous people in history who actually claimed to have seen a Unicorn. Not just Average Joe’s either. For example Genghis Khan claimed to have seen a Unicorn and took as a sign not to attack India.

Do you believe in Unicorns? If so what do you think they’re like? If interested in learning more about Unicorns then check out the links below.

Here you can learn more about the stories and legends involving the Unicorn.

This by far is an excellent page for info about the Unicorn.

And this one is also a good resource.


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