May News: A.K.A. Where the Heck I’ve Been!

You may have noticed that I sort of disappeared last month and stopped posting, only to suddenly reappear with my Pegasus post as if nothing happened. Understandably you probably have some questions about that. Well I’d love to tell you that I’ve just been really busy but that would be nothing more than an excuse, and you deserve the truth. My cousin was kind enough to give me a copy of Fallout: New Vegas which I’d never played before. Turned out it was an awesome game. So awesome I got caught up in it and played all day everyday for a week straight before finally being able to pull myself away. This isn’t completely strange as I am rather obsessive by nature with everything from my Projects to my favorite shows.

Since then I have been very busy as I scramble to catch up on all the Project Time that’s accumulated. Mostly I’ve been Illustrating; working out the character designs and episodes for my WebSeries. I’ll be posting another Legendary Animals Article sometime this month. Next month I should be back to my usual biweekly schedule and I’ll hopefully be able to finally reveal a little more about my WebSeries as well. Thank you for your patience and have a great May.


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