Better Adventurous & Learning!

When I was a kid I had a catch phrase I loved, “better safe than sorry”. I was very extremely shy at the time and I didn’t like to take risks. I would just sit in my corner playing video games, watching animation, and imagining worlds & characters. I’m now an adult, 21 years old, and I’m not as shy as I once was; in fact I’m really coming out of my shell. Also I have very extremely lofty ambitions. So now I hate that old stupid catchphrase which can only hold me back if I don’t let go of it as I move into full adulthood.

This has all led to an amazing and eye opening moment in my life. One of those soul-searching  moments when your worldview changes and you dedicate yourself more strongly than ever before to your dream and passion in life. This has literally just happened to me mere moments ago as I write this post. It has also led to my new and beautiful motto “Better Adventurous & Learning!”. On top of that I’ve recently received some very sound advice that you shouldn’t spread yourself thin and should focus only on your passion. I already knew that and usually always took that advice, yet recently I have slipped a bit away from that ,which is why I’m returning to it full force. In other words I’m turning all my focus and time towards what I’m truly most passionate about; Animation & making a name for myself in the world of Animation. Now this of course leaves the question of what will happen to this blog…

Well it’s going to become quite inactive around here for probably quite awhile. Thank you whoever bothered to read what I wrote here and I’m sorry if you really did love my Legendary Animal posts and will miss them. I promised at least one more Legendary Animal post this month and I’m going to stick to my word with one big final (for now) Legendary Animal post. Also I have another interview coming up and may still occasionally add more. But there won’t be any new Monthly News posts or the like. Later this blog will be reformatted as a website for my Animations, and this blogging experience was still more than worth it.

Thank you for your support and I hope for your continued support with my Animated endeavors. Peace & Have Fun 🙂


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