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Need a Professional to help with your Creative Project?

I’ve been a Creative Writer for over five years, including over three years of Screenwriting. Some of the things I’ve done during that period include penning a novel, writing several Scripts for various animated shows, and Blogging for one of the top animation sites on the web ‘Toonzone‘. I’m interested in pretty much everything and anything involving creativity although I do specialize in the fields of Wildlife & Animation. Now here are the services I proudly provide:

1) Blogging & Newsletter Writing:

Imagine your website is a town. What you want from your town is to have a booming population and you want visitors to return to your town, you don’t want it to be a ghost town with one of those tumbleweeds do you? Blog posts attract and entertain your Audience making them want to come back again and again. Your Newsletter is like a postcard reminding your Audience of your town and asking them to visit again. An ugly postcard won’t warrant repeat visitors, while a beautiful one will keep your Audience flocking to your website.

So how do you keep your town beautiful up close and from afar? Simple, have a high quality Blog and/or Newsletter. If you need help with that than you should seek the services of a Professional Creative Writer, which amazingly I’ve just remembered that I am one of those. During my time writing for Toonzone my first  Article was described as Hard-Hitting, and my editors were continually impressed by my ability. Being a Creative Writer I’m also used to writing in different styles and can match my writing to the style of your website, I can even help you find your websites style if need be.

So whether you need lots of posts and updates a day or just something every week I’m more than capable of helping.

2) Ghostwriting & Editing:

Perhaps you have loftier ambitions; perhaps you want to create an ebook or novel but either can’t or just don’t have the time to write it yourself. Well my friend you would need the services of a Ghostwriter. While I’m not a ghost myself, yet, I am a Ghostwriter who can help you even if your needs are not about ghosts riding on tumbleweeds in their ghost town websites. Whether it be a whole book or just a pamphlet, I can take care of all your ghostwriting needs. Just let me know your needs and soon you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing the writing is getting done.

Of course there’s always the possibility that you can and do want to write something. The possibility that you did write a novel or anything else and now it needs editing. Well that editing will be a whole lot more effective if you get a fresh set of eyes and hire a professional editor such as, guess who, myself. After all there’s nothing worse than proudly viewing your text and suddenly noticing a huge grammar error like an ugly distracting zit on a cheerleaders face. So don’t hesitate to apply some metaphorical zit cream to your project and you’ll be thankful when your beautiful ebook gets out there and cheers on whatever it’s meant to.

3) Screenwriting:

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your hard work pay off, especially when everyone can see it as well; and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a commercial, TV series, webseries, or even a whole movie. However, the first thing you need before succeeding at your endeavor is a solid foundation. A script is that solid foundation. I’ve been Screenwriting primarily for Animation for over three years. I started by self teaching myself before attending the ‘Academy of Art University’ in San Francisco where I learned many tips and tricks especially regarding story structure. Thus I have the utmost confidence that I can build that solid foundation your Creative Project needs.

4) Humor Writing:

Imagine the last time you laughed, really laughed… There’s no doubt that everyone loves a good laugh.

Perhaps you’ve written something which is great and informative but unfortunately also quite dry, such as a speech. Well I’ve got great news for you, me and my staff of tumbleweed riding ghosts are more than happy to help. Whether you just want to lighten up the speech or turn it into a full on LaughFest we’ve got your back. We can also punch up a script or really anything else with writing on it; so now you won’t have to fret anymore about boring your audience.

5) Other:

As a Creative Writer I’m sure there’s more I can do than just what this list suggests; so if you’re interested in my services or have something else in mind which would be perfect for a Creative Writer just send me an email to the address listed below. Please include the word ‘Project’ in the subject of the email. In the body of the email please include a brief description of the project, an estimated budget, and contact information so we can get to talking about how I can help you achieve your goals.

Thank you for your time and have a great day!

Email: SMTfreelance@gmail.com


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